Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Day 18 of Intuitive Doodling

Day 18 - 26 May 2014

Snuck this doodle in before bed-time. Today I felt myself feeling irritated and agitated and it seems like these feelings spilled over into my doodle... While I was doodling I noticed that I was very tense and that I was holding the pen very tightly. When I look at the doodle I notice that the majority of the lines are angular and the leaves are jagged... In some of my previous doodles I've referred to 'growth', and when I look at this doodle I can see this theme being depicted. BUT this doodle seems to depict that growth can be "uncomfortable". Growth can cause irritation and agitating because when we grow, we are undergoing change - changing the way we think and act about something... We are stepping outside of our comfort zone...

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