Friday, 9 May 2014

21 Days of Intuitive Doodling

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A 21-day creative commitment towards developing a creative practice through spontaneous or intuitive doodling.

Rumour has it that if you repeat an action for 21 days it will become habit. Hmmm... so why do I want "Intuitive Doodling" to become a habit you might ask? It's not JUST about the doodling (which is loads of FUN and aids in creative self-expression), but ALSO about building a daily "Creative Practice". 

larabandarian explains it nicely in this quote:

"Creativity is putting ideas and ones vision into practice- the process of producing. I think people often mistake creativity as something that 'just happens' or only produced from a sudden spark. Or, that it should be done only when one is "feeling creative". However, I think it is important to get into a creative practice; meaning, getting into the practice and habit of constantly putting work out there, producing, whether it is original or not - polished or not. Every creative practice can lead to another creative element, even if it is transported to another medium".

So, I'll be embarking on my journey of establishing a "Creative Practice" today, with my first stop being "Intuitive Doodling". Toot-toot!! Why not join me for the ride? 

PS: What will this activity entail? Well - basically setting aside about 30 minutes a day to do a spontaneous doodle and then to reflect on what it is you might be creatively expressing about yourself through your doodle.

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