Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Day 5 of Intuitive Doodling

Day 5 - 13 May 2014

I decided to take my doodling outside today to take advantage of the glorious sunshine, armed with a cup of tea and a rusk. I must say, since the arrival of my pup "Meeko", I have been spending a lot more time in the garden. Some afternoons I put a towel down and I just lie staring up at the sky... It's not always as relaxing as it sounds, because if "Meeko" is in a biting mood I need to hide my hands and protect my face... My husband has nick-named him "Ninja Buzz-Saw" - go figure -

Anyhoo, on to my doodle for the day...

This doodle is my most favourite so far! I LOVE the resulting image and colours! Obviously there are recognisable images such as the stem and leaves and the stars. I also saw a sliver of a moon...

If you've read through the first few days of my "Intuitive Doodling" endeavour, you'll know that "Meeko" has been keeping us awake at night. Yesterday my husband bought "Meeko" an igloo-type bed, as opposed to the open basket-type bed he has been sleeping in - we felt that it would make him feel safer. And instead of HIM waking US up - we woke him up twice during the night to take him out to wee. This approach seems to have potential, and the result was that we got loads more sleep, so I woke up in a good mood this morning! 

"La laaaaa la la laaaaaa" 

I think my doodle shows this happy feeling! The plant to me indicates that instead of becoming 'stuck' we 'grew' with the situation.

If I turn the focus internally the doodle to me also indicates that in some way, shape or form - I am growing. The flower-like representation indicates that things are happening - there is a mixture of lines and colours - it's not your normal 'static' flower motif. Furthermore, the plant is anchored, yet at the same time it seems to be encompassing the stars!!

To me this is such a powerful positive doodle! On a personal level I find it to be very reassuring - So I'd like to make a toast 

to not only reaching, but to encompassing the stars! 


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